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The area & how to reach us

The house is an easy 40 minute drive from Talisman, in Karen. The road is 85% tarmac and then a graded road the last bit. You can reach there using a normal saloon car. It is even possible to get an Uber there!

An exact pin location will be shared with you once you have booked.

I advise you to get through Ngong town before 4.30pm as the traffic gets really bad and can make your journey extra long.

In the area, it is possible to do a number of things:

  • Hike the Ngong Hills

  • Run or cycle in the local area (the Kenyan national running team are often seen to do so!)

  • Lunch at Olepolos country club

  • A day trip to Magadi to see the flamingos and salt lake

Or just relax and enjoy the view!

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