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Cost of staying at the house

Updated: May 24, 2022

The house, when booked directly, is 15,000Ksh / ~$130 per night for a maximum of four guests. There is a cleaning fee & booking fee that total 1,000Ksh / $8.5 per night admin fee, making the total using our direct booking platform 16,000Ksh / ~$138.5 per night.

You will be charged in USD so there may be a small difference in exchange rate. If you prefer to pay in KSH, you can use MPESA.

We have a two night minimum booking.

By booking through our website, you save nearly 5,000Ksh / ~$45 of booking fees found on AirBnB.

Our website has a 'Book Now' option - check for the green button in the bottom right of your screen! You can easily see all availability and book instantly.

This includes:

  • The house to yourself

  • 24/7 hosting from Sam and Brian

  • Moon online to help with your booking

  • 24/7 solar power (new addition to the house!)

  • 24/7 WiFi

  • A fully stocked kitchen

  • Water for drinking (borehole, so you are also welcome to bring your own) and showering (showers are heated by a kuni booster (a wood burner) so they need approx 20 mins to heat up)

  • Daily cleaner (pls request her to come via Sam or Brian)

Additional extras that can be arranged are:

  • Eggs from the chickens, milk from the goats and veggies from the garden are 300Ksh per time

  • You are welcome to give Sam and Brian a tip if they have been helpful to you!

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Esther Yatich
Esther Yatich
Apr 21


i though i'd be here for my birthday but things did not work out. i want to come there for the weekend - 4th of May. i have a few questions though:

  1. are those dates avaialable? check in 3rd May and check out 5th now that you have 2 nights min>

  2. is the road passable?

  3. please clarify the eggs/milk/veggies at 300 per time?



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